Limit Order Protocol

A limit order places a specific price that a trader wants to buy or sell at and is only executed if the market hits that price.

Whereas market orders are executed immediately, limit orders are executed at a predefined price, which is generally better than the current market price.

The_** forbitspace**_ platforms help users place the limit order which is handled by the order-book feature. We limit order protocol provides the most innovative and optimal. A limit order is a type of buy order which a user can place with a specific buy or sell price whose limit is determined by the user him/herself.

The enables the trade to be automatically executed when the market price reaches the users’ target price. It allows users to buy dips or take profits to take benefits of volatility in the marketplace.

A limit order would allow DeFi traders to get their swaps at desired prices by leaving instructions to fill buy or sell orders at specific prices (or better prices). For instance, if you think an asset is too expensive at the moment, or you are expecting prices to drop throughout the day, then you simply set a limit order to buy at a price below the current market price. How much lower is totally up to users.

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